This blog is dedicated to the awkward moments, the honest stories of travel.

The time you slipped in the mud on your butt trying to get a sunset photo on a cliff face.

The edits of Instagram, the unfiltered moments where your hat flew off

The time you walked around Rome in your track pants and didn’t take a photo.

The moments we hide from social media and, well, the world. I’m taking these moments and giving them their spotlight.

Travel that’s honestly viewed & told.*

*now with 10 times more sarcasm!

Oh, you don’t know the times I’m talking about? No stress, I’ve got plenty.

What you won’t find here:

  • Top 10 best eats in XXX
  • Wedgie butt bikini photos by the beach
  • All the times I ‘found myself’
  • Romantic, idyllic views of destinations

What you will find here:

Oh, and I also like to draw on photos too.